Saturday, October 1, 2011

Evamiere & A Lariat Necklace

Evamiere Lariat Necklace by vivienne 
Lenght : 30"
MYR 38

I wanted to create my usual style of bead charm necklace. I thought again - boring, ah-ha...So, I re-assemble everything again, and looking at the bead cluster that I have the cluster vs the opaque white cluster - the two can be knotted together and dangle as one !!! *( whee...) . Two separate dangles knotted together and become a cluster of beads on a lariat necklace. Typical lariats necklace measured between 30" to 40". The longer the necklace it, the more variety of ways it can be tied or knotted around. A lariat does not have clasps or toggle. For Evamiere, you can take both ends together and tie them in a simple overhand knot. Adjust the knot position to create along or short dangle. This usually works without a layered strand and can be worn with almost any top. 
I'll update this post again to show how can you wear the Evamiere lariat necklace :)

Evamiere Bracelet by vivienne
Length : approx 6.5"
MYR 48
The bracelet is constructed using purple dyed Howlite stone, lt. green bellfower, 4mm blue glass bicones and   4mm white opaque faceted glass beads. 
The montage. I have one more bracelet in this series sitting on my beading table... :) & this post will be updated again ...