Saturday, April 5, 2014

Updated bead charms works for February 2014 :)

Overdue compilations of bead charms works done in February 2014. Here it is...most of it are still available for remakes or customize upon request. For latest updates, my works will be publish in Facebook in advance so, do LIKE and SHARE my page .For enquiries and availability of items *(since I have not been updating for a long time ) email me at Love to have emails from all of you!!! :)

Beaded Fiori Bracelet byvivienne. 
Length : approx. 6.5" ( not including toggle ) 
Price : MYR 40 
[ SOLD ]

EST.Heart Charm Bracelet byvivienne
Length : Approx. 6.5"
Price : MYR 35
[ SOLD - available for remakes ] 

Elliot Heart Links Necklace. 
Length : Approx. 19.5"( fall on collarbone ) 
Price : MYR 38

Norah Layered Bracelet byvivienne
Length : approx 6.5" ( beaded strand ) + 1" toggle & clasp. Clasp & extender will be an option to shorten the bracelet.
Price : MYR 38
[ SOLD ]


Su Ho said...

Like this one, recently wanted to buy some crystal jewelry dress themselves, more like Swarovski colliers, but I do not know too many styles to pick that good, we help to the point.

Online Fashion Jewelry Shopping said...

I bought a charm bracelet for $120. It is made of silver and the design is absolutely amazing. I will keep it with myself for the rest of my life. It is so beautiful.