Saturday, February 22, 2014

Updates January 2014 : The Cayenne, Spring Poppins, The Fire Flickers, The Perry, Reunion Blossoms & Winter Sonata

Here are some of my creations over the 1st month of 2014. Works include inspiration for my recent trip to Seoul, South Korea *( Winter Sonata Earrings ) & lots of RED to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year . 
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The Winter Sonata Earrings byvivienne
Price : MYR 30

The Reunion Blosson String Bracelet byvivienne
Colour selection ( L-R ) : Red | Green | Blue
Length : Approx 6.5" + 1" extender
Price : Each for MYR 33

The Fireflicker Beads Charm Bracelet byvivienne
Lenght : Approx. 6.5"
Price : MYR 58

The Cayenne Series byvivienne ( Signature )

Earrings : MYR 25
Bracelet : [ SOLD ]

The Spring Poppins Bead Charm Bracelet byvivienne
Lenght : Approx. 6.5"
Price : MYR 45
[ SOLD ]

The Spring Poppins Bead Charm Earrings byvivienne
Price : MYR 25

The Perry Collection byvivienne
Price ( Set ) : MYR 100
The Perry Choker Necklace
Lenght : Approx. 14"
Price : MYR 38
The Perry Beads Charm Bracelet
Lenght : Approx. 6.5"
Price : MYR 58
The Perry Dangles Earrings
Price : MYR 25


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