Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Citrus Cream Dream

Citrus Cream Dream Bracelet by vivienne
Only available in Orange 
MYR 35.00
Sold - Pink

Monday, November 28, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bracelets for Childrens of Sa Pa, Vietnam

 These beautiful mountains of Sa Pa is courtesy of Jacky, a wonderful friend who recently backpack and home stayed with its great diversity of minority people. 


The vibrant peole. I love everything on her, from the umbrella to the fabrics and the metal jewelry...I called it Ingeniousness Jewelries :)
The childrens. The one thing that I love here, their heart shape face. Sweet and innocent.
It actually bring tears to my heart, I ain't sure how to express my feelings, but just felt the somberness in there. 

The children bracelet was requested by Jacky as a gift to the childrens. Looking at the picture somewhat shows impoverish life living in a harsh condition on the mountains, but what to compare to a harmonious life along the mountains with us in the concrete jungle and our iPhones  and Macs. Priceless. These pictures were really heartwarming. *( yeah...I got the right word-heartwarming )
When Jacky requested these, I had not any idea of what kind of bracelets to design. Try Google peoples of Sa Pa, they make beautiful ingeniousness jewels on vibrant costumes. Think bright colours. And I came up with a series of flowers. Flowers that communicate, that express feelings which could not be spoken. 
With this bracelet, I made it to express HARMONY, happiness, freedom, CHEERfulness, affection, FRIENDship, LOVE and SWEETness from the giver to the children.  There are so much to express. 
I named the bracelet "Dong-Hua" as in flower in Vietnamese.
Dong-Hua Children Bracelet

Thank you, Jacky :). It was a great exposure. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Periwinkle Anklet

Periwinkle Anklet by vivienne
MYR 26.00
It totally look great on your feet...really. And it rhymes too :) . This anklet is measured at approx 18.5" long with an extension of approx. 1.5". So that gives a maximum lenght up to 20.0" . I've used the stringing method for both the anklet above, and finished it of with my signature bead charm dangles. More to come !!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Chic.Heart Earrings
Trio Pairs for MYR 27.00

Cherished.Heart Bead Charm Bracelet by vivienne
Length : Approx 6.5"
MYR 55.00

Made with Czech Pressed Glass beads in various shapes and colours. 

Hearty.fella Bead Charm Bracelet by vivienne
Length : Approx 6.5"

Heart.Rebel Bead Charm Bracelet by vivienne
Length : Approx 6.5"
MYR 48.00
Made with Czech Pressed Glass beads in various shapes and colours

Jardine.Heart Bead Charm Bracelet by vivienne
Length : Approx 6.5"
( sold )
Made with Czech Pressed Glass beads in various shapes and colours

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am working on these...

Didnt have any idea what to do with these heart beads...was just working through it during the bazaars.

The finished bracelet. This is 1 of the 3 bracelets which I manage to design on the bazaar itself. 
It is going to be part of the "Heart Attack" series.
Last weekend I was in 2 bazaars - Creative Muse & The Red Carpet for the launching of Encorp Properties. The latter, was a last minute one. Having 2 bazaars back to back was not in my favour. I am still not in par with the rest of the indie designers who use to participate in bazaars from am-pm. So, my thoughts was, I need to expose myself more to these; it is the best way to see if the people love your product and design. And I tell you here, you really learn a lot and really improve yourself as you participate in more bazaars. 
So I make it. Sales wasn't good, but it was a great exposure. 

Note to self : I think I am always a step behind from jewelries that had cute pretty charms on it :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Denim Delight

Denim Delight Bracelet by vivienne
Length : approx 7.0"
MYR 30

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Autumnus Earring : another post :)

The Autumnus Earring by vivienne. 2 sets will be going to Pipit Zakka Store, 4 sets sold offline, 1 set *( not in pic ) is kept for myself. There goes the 14 pairs of my favourite earrings :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Autumnus Earring

The Autumnus Earring Set by vivienne

I always avoid working with top-drilled beads. I am a "headpin" person. I admit I am also not too sensitive on wire-wrapping techniques, although, I always know, my design possiblities will be endless if I ever master the technique. So, as above, the beads has been on the table for so long, because I coudnt figure out how to run the headpins over it, until I do the wire wrapped. And, I love the whole idea of it, I created a whopping 14 pairs !!! Part of it will be available at Pipit Zakka Store. If you are outstation and would like purchase online, kindly email  me :).