Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am working on these...

Didnt have any idea what to do with these heart beads...was just working through it during the bazaars.

The finished bracelet. This is 1 of the 3 bracelets which I manage to design on the bazaar itself. 
It is going to be part of the "Heart Attack" series.
Last weekend I was in 2 bazaars - Creative Muse & The Red Carpet for the launching of Encorp Properties. The latter, was a last minute one. Having 2 bazaars back to back was not in my favour. I am still not in par with the rest of the indie designers who use to participate in bazaars from am-pm. So, my thoughts was, I need to expose myself more to these; it is the best way to see if the people love your product and design. And I tell you here, you really learn a lot and really improve yourself as you participate in more bazaars. 
So I make it. Sales wasn't good, but it was a great exposure. 

Note to self : I think I am always a step behind from jewelries that had cute pretty charms on it :)

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