Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bracelets for Childrens of Sa Pa, Vietnam

 These beautiful mountains of Sa Pa is courtesy of Jacky, a wonderful friend who recently backpack and home stayed with its great diversity of minority people. 


The vibrant peole. I love everything on her, from the umbrella to the fabrics and the metal jewelry...I called it Ingeniousness Jewelries :)
The childrens. The one thing that I love here, their heart shape face. Sweet and innocent.
It actually bring tears to my heart, I ain't sure how to express my feelings, but just felt the somberness in there. 

The children bracelet was requested by Jacky as a gift to the childrens. Looking at the picture somewhat shows impoverish life living in a harsh condition on the mountains, but what to compare to a harmonious life along the mountains with us in the concrete jungle and our iPhones  and Macs. Priceless. These pictures were really heartwarming. *( yeah...I got the right word-heartwarming )
When Jacky requested these, I had not any idea of what kind of bracelets to design. Try Google peoples of Sa Pa, they make beautiful ingeniousness jewels on vibrant costumes. Think bright colours. And I came up with a series of flowers. Flowers that communicate, that express feelings which could not be spoken. 
With this bracelet, I made it to express HARMONY, happiness, freedom, CHEERfulness, affection, FRIENDship, LOVE and SWEETness from the giver to the children.  There are so much to express. 
I named the bracelet "Dong-Hua" as in flower in Vietnamese.
Dong-Hua Children Bracelet

Thank you, Jacky :). It was a great exposure. 

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