Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hands on seedbeads. Made with Czech seed beads and on other different shades and sizes of the czechs, Palermo is a simple strung up bracelet, chic up with my signature *( wink ) bead charms. My personal favourite, the red ones. Oh... and I love the little red heart beads along the dark blue black string.

Parmelo *( Fire Polish ) Bead Charm Bracelet
Length : approx 7.0"
MYR 30

Parmelo *( Leaf ) Bead Charm Bracelet
Length : approx 7.0"
MYR 36
*( only 1 available )

Parmelo *( Red ) Bead Charm Bracelet
Length : approx 7.0"
MYR 35

Do enquire within if you really LIKE the design, but the colour doesn't fancy you. You can customize. I believe you all must have much more beautiful chic ideas with this design. There are a lot of possibilities here...This will be my favorite trademark pieces !!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Pop Bardot

Pop Bardot Necklace by vivienne
Lenght : approx. 21"

I need a revamp. A design revamp. My resolution, to create a more bolder necklace. For now, here is my attemp...made with czech fire polish glass and lucite bellflower. Quite a stiff necklace, because I "tied" the flower to the strand. I tried it on, it actually look good on a simple pretty black outfit. I wish I could add more black czech bead on the chain, like a series of  black farfell peanut beads, but, non in my stash :).
Also, with a straight forward matching bracelet.

Pop Bardot Bracelet by vivienne
Lenght : 6.5"

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Event : ECOBA : The Big Fest : Raise Your Voice

Was at ECOBA, PJ Trade Center for an event benefiting the Malaysian Aids Foundation. The bazaar event was organised by Goldilocks Bazaar. Check out my table below :) . Had a good time, despite the drizzling rain, the event went off well...

Cheers from the table, by vivienne :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Clemantis Bracelet
Lenght : approx 7.0"

I had this trio lt. pink czech glass bell flower on the table and decided to contrast it with a simple setting of blue czech rondells.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Suede Crystal

Suede Crystal Bracelet
Length : approx 7.0" *( self adjustable )
MYR 38.00

Made with Czech Fire Polish Crystal beads, I contrast the bracelet with adjustable suede lace. I love every single connection detail of the suede and the cable chain. An elegant and chic setting. It has a matching necklace too. 

Suede Crystal Necklace
Length : self adjustable
MYR 35.00

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Lowella Drop Necklace
Matinee long necklace measuring approx 25"

Inspired by the seasons coloured baubles of red, green and gold, the romantic Lowella series is perk up instantly by the fresh focal of  the milky jade czech  puffy teardrop glass bead. I created a simple drop necklace, long double - chain *( I love the weight of the double chain and it gives textures too...) and I finished it off with twisted jumprings just above the top teardrop. 
The bracelet is my usual cluster baubles inspired bracelet, on a chunky chain - a tough statement.

Lowella Cluster Bead Charm Necklace
Measures approx 19"

Lowella Bead Charm Bracelet
Measures approx 6.5". Can be customize to suit your preferred wrist size.

Saturday, December 3, 2011