Wednesday, August 31, 2011


These are by famous chocolatier Lindt & Sprungli ( Zurich )
You see this over the counter at local supermarkets and a regular duty free favourites. So, you'll get a bar of this when you own my bracelet below. Yes, I'm kidding. No, it doesn't come with the chocolate. 
Enjoy Sprunglis.
Made with doom daisy glass flower, czech 4mm fire polish in antique copper, czech pressed glass beads as the red focal.
Sprunglis Bracelet by vivienne
Lenght : approx 7"
MYR 38

Custom : Prinsessa for Jacky

Jacky custom order  7" bracelet in blue *( as in Lynda Pink ) for his 2 beloved princess. Hope they'll like it. favourite one here is the Lt. Sapphire one...:) 
Prinsessa Capri
Made with Swarovski Crystal 5301 4mm bicone in Capri
Prinsessa Saphire
Made with Swarovski Crystal 5301 4mm bicone in Lt.Sapphire AB

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bunga Bunga Api

Bunga Bunga Api Earrings by vivienne
[L-R] Purple , Red & Turquoise
MYR 18 each
Constructed with Dyed Howlite Gemstone. The natural Howlite Gemstone is a snow-white opaque gem with gray, black or dark brown veins. 

Next : Bunga Bunga Api

Bunga Bunga Api 
from a Malay word meaning Flower Flower Fire *( okay, that was my direct translation ), it actually means 
" Fireworks " - Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri - Maaf Zahir dan Batin


I have the *( I think...) quite a difficult-not-too-friendly beads in my stash...a matte powder pink *( Czech Pressed Glass Glass Bead )  Mentos chewy, I'm creating sweet edible jewelries.
and it's strawberry yoghurt flavour. Now, you can EAT your candy earrings below. It's chewy :)

MOD:Pink Earring I

MOD:Pink Earring II

MOD:Pink Earring III

Earrings priced at MYR 18 each. 
Then, I have extras of pink mentos that I decided to make it into an edible necklace below :)

MOD:Pink Necklace by vivienne
Length : 24" ( Matinee )
MYR 45
MYR 35 :)

The detail :)

Oh...I actually love the new Mentos Jam Filled Strawberry & Lemon candy. Very addictive. Go try it out :)
source : Candy Blog

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm Your Umbrella - [ you named the bracelet ]

[ vivienne ]'s umbrella

Made with 10mm Round Turquoise Gemstone, Shdaes of Pink & White Lampwork glass beads in various shapes, cotton cord wire wrapped with Non Tarnish Artistic Wired, Heart connector and your umbrella charm.

The close up detail of the bracelet. Beads are wire-wrapped with non tarnish artistic wired. The double loop cord in detailed with jump rings to hold the charms & also wire wrapped on the other end. I love the lobster clasp part and how it terminates with the end of the cord & swirl connector.

I've made 4 of the umbrella bracelet. However, I didn't know how to name them. For now, it's the alphabetical order. I've keep one for myself, and name it [vivienne]'s umbrella. So, the next 3 bracelet purchased will be [your name] umbrella :) . Let me know how you want your name to be on the bracelet. You can have it your sister name, BFF name, your girlfriend name, your wife's name an even your lovely mom's name. I thought of giving one to my sister *( if she likes it :P )...

I'm Your Umbrella | [your name]'s umbrella Bracelet by vivienne
Length : approx 6.5"-7"
MYR 30
 * Updates : 30th August 2011 - 1 more bracelet [ C ] left unnamed !!! It needs a name fast... :) 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lynda Rouge * Custom Order

 Lynda Rouge * Custome Order Bead Charm Bracelet by vivienne
Lenght : 8"

The 3rd custom order for Lynda, to match her baju kurung le rouge...for this coming Aidilfitri. As a friend here, she looks stunning is red the most... May she have a wonderful Raya with her beloved family & friends...Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lynda Bleue * Custom Order

Lynda Bleue * Customize Bead Charm Bracelet by vivienne
Lenght : 8"

This is for Lynda's 1st day of Raya , to be paired with her Blue Baju Kurung - to a special event :) . She will be visiting her boyfriend's family for the 1st time...:)

Lynda * Custom Order

Lynda Bead Charm Bracelet by vivienne 
Length: 8"
Lynda , a good friend & my colleague requested a customize bracelet to pair with the shocking pink *[ yeah, that is how she describe it ... :) ] Baju Kurung on 1st day of Raya. It's hard to get good quality "shocking pink" beads locally, hence, here I used Swarovski Bicone 4mm 5301 in Indian Pink. 

Wave Mojito - The Necklace

Wave Mojito Bead Charm Necklace by vivienne
Lenght : 17"
MYR 56
See matching bracelet here.

Constructed with Czech Pressed Glass beads in shades of turquoise and matte lt.peach on antique silver findings. 

Gold Blush

GoldBlush by vivienne
Lenght : 6.5"
MYR 58

Constructed using Czech Pressed Glass in Mauve and Matte Gold & 6mm Clear lt.Pink Glass beads on antique gold findings.


 Meadow Necklace by vivienne
Lenght : 19"

  Olive Meadow Necklace by vivienne
Lenght : 19"
MYR 35
Violet Meadow Necklace by vivienne
Lenght : 19"
MYR 35

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Delwyn Bracelet by vivienne
Lenght : 6.5"
MYR 28
sold x2
My camera is still under repair. This bracelet was capture with my phone :) . My usual construction of using the Czechs on silver findings. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Esclaire Earring by vivienne.

At this moment, my camera is still in the shop for repair works. This was captured with my camera phone. I seldom work with teardrop beads, until this. I wrapped the beads with non-tarnish artistic wire, then pair it up with acrylic rose cabs. Im not very good at things acrylic, but I guess this turns out...pretty :).