Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have the *( I think...) quite a difficult-not-too-friendly beads in my stash...a matte powder pink *( Czech Pressed Glass Glass Bead )  Mentos chewy dragees...so, I'm creating sweet edible jewelries.
and it's strawberry yoghurt flavour. Now, you can EAT your candy earrings below. It's chewy :)

MOD:Pink Earring I

MOD:Pink Earring II

MOD:Pink Earring III

Earrings priced at MYR 18 each. 
Then, I have extras of pink mentos that I decided to make it into an edible necklace below :)

MOD:Pink Necklace by vivienne
Length : 24" ( Matinee )
MYR 45
MYR 35 :)

The detail :)

Oh...I actually love the new Mentos Jam Filled Strawberry & Lemon candy. Very addictive. Go try it out :)
source : Candy Blog

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