Saturday, October 22, 2011

beads over the sea

My beads from the States arrives just a week after I made my payment to the seller. 
Yay !!!
But of course, you pay for the postage which it a little pricey :), considering I could purchase more of my vintage and premium Czech beads with those postage fees. 
So, what is in the parcel? Czech Seed Beads. Ya, Seed Beads all the way from US. My colleagues commented, " Malaysia also got what??! " Yes, we have seed beads locally, but it is very China :) . I like the uniform size *( I purchase size 6.0-around 4mm ) and its quality. Also, I am always looking out for matte and solid colour seed beads and the size, at least 4mm. You can see the seed beads in my new design in the next post.  

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