Monday, February 14, 2011

Meeting Marina

She is Marina Popova, from Marina Craft. After so long of doing online transactions with her, finally, she opens up a walk-in-store in Ampang on 13th February 2011. I could say, she is the only supplier who supplies high quality Czech Glass Beads imported from the Czech Republic, in Malaysia...*(I couldn't find anyone elese besides her!!!).Behind is the row of genuine high quality gemstones, just from Marina Craft. The whole walk-in-store is still in a setting up process, but Marina assured us that there are so many items coming in that its just a matter of time before you all get drowned by all her beautiful beads. 
Congratulation, Marina Craft for the opening of your walk-in-store.
Do bring in more Czech beads... :P

PS : She was so delighted that she finally opened up a store after so many request from her customer :)

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