Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ignite *( Customization )

 Ignite Necklace by vivienne
Lenght : 16" ( Princess )
Ignite Clip-On Earrings by vivienne
Lenght: approx. 3"

Something about the necklace first :) - The customization was made to match Ignite BRACELET posted earlier. It was a princess lenght 16" long necklace. In fact, I personally thinks that Ignite design is more outstanding in a necklace than the bracelet itself...:) 

On the earrings, the customization was rather different, on a Clip-On's. So, that is what I've come out with. I had a clusters of beads on the top as to hide the flatback of the clip-on earrings. Quite challenging, as to balance it on bothsides, which means the wearer will have to adjust before putting it on.

Alas, both looks perfects, and I really love the outcome. I hope she love it too. Thank you.

Customer can actually cuztomized their own set too. For necklace, do refer  to this POST.
I need 2 weeks in advance for a complete set like the above. Let me know when do you want it to be delivered. Then I'll let you know a work program. For large orders, I admit, I do need more time, as, I do have a full time profesional job which I love very much....:)

Hope to hear your from you. I love comments and feedbacks too...

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