Saturday, January 2, 2010

3-Strand Charm Bracelet - Avatabluele & Avataredelle

3-Strand Charm Bracelet
Lenght : Approx 7.5"
3-Strand Charm Bracelet
Lenght: Approx 7.5"
MYR 26

*Made with Czech Pressed Glass Beads.
Other customization options includes using *Swarovski 5301 6mm Bicone with *Swarovski 5301 5mm Bicone or adding various charms of your choice. Perfectly suitable as Valentine's gift. Sweet & simple.

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xiraburkhan said...

3-strand charm bracelet? nice! *love this*
ps: i like the butterfly charm in d avatabluele^^ but is it possible to change the beads from blue to maybe.. purple or pink or both?